soul of soccer – Matthew N Okoh coaching methodology and philosophy brings the innovative, and self-expressive facet back into the game. Players enjoy the rewarding challenge of creation and expressing their creative skills using football. The system teaches each player to use their individual talents and abilities to make a more tactical, more dynamic, and more creative team. Ensuring even more new tactical facets to be rendered and created.

The soul ‘s other dimension is the ability of achieving success while allowing the players to find ways to express themselves through acquired skills, creativity and imagination making the team tactics and game all the more enjoyable.

The advantage of the system is that it constantly maintains the fun and the passion of the players. The system flows with, and not against, the nature of the player. This way football is not merely a game for the body, but also one inspired by the soul; the “soul of soccer”.

The soul of soccer Fußball Feriencamps, Kinder Fußball Förderers, After School Sport Camps and Coach the Coaches programs have been created using the MNO soul of soccer methodology.